How to Hold a Successful Gelding Clinic

Offering a free or low-cost gelding clinic is one of the most effective ways to help low-income horse owners. Not only does a clinic provide crucial services to clients in need, it spreads the word about your organization throughout the community. For horses and their owners, the benefits are tangible. The most obvious benefit is fewer stallions, which translates into fewer chances of accidental breeding. And, because geldings are typically easier to manage than stallions, they are able to thrive in a greater variety of situations—which can reduce the chances of abuse and neglect. Learn why a gelding clinic is beneficial to your community. 

  • Decide which type of clinic is right for you
  • Identify your needs and goals
  • Design your event, including timeline, volunteer recruiting, and promotion

This webinar is a companion to the new booklet 8 Steps to Holding a Successful Gelding Clinic and will walk you through all eight steps. Download the templates too.


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