Rover Exposure: 3 Strategies for Marketing Foster Dogs and Cats

This webinar is especially for participants in the ASPCA Adoption Ambassadors program, but anyone who runs a foster program or who is a foster parent will benefit. The Adoption Ambassadors campaign is not just a foster program—it is an adoption program. Getting animals adopted is a critical part of the equation. Learn how the Foster Coordinator for Louisiana SPCA promoted hundreds of foster animals through their Adoption Ambassadors-style program. 

Learn how to market your organization's foster animals through photography, video, effective social media posts, targeted outreach, community visibility and some outside-the-box creativity. This webinar will include information for marketing cats as well as dogs, and Allie will provide ideas for fun and inexpensive techniques your foster program can try right away:

•    Hitting the streets: fun and eye-catching methods to promote animals in the community
•    Working from home: ideas for getting online attention for your fosters
•    At the shelter: ways to get foster animals seen by shelter visitors