Adopting Cats on the Road: The Traveling Fosters Program

Looking for a solution to get more foster cats adopted? Learn how the Humane Society of Washington County’s volunteers have taken foster care to the next level. The Traveling Fosters program is an innovative twist on the Adoption Ambassadors concept—each volunteer is responsible for not only fostering a cat, but finding him a home. They bring their foster cats to events around the county, which they plan and market themselves. During this past summer, the Traveling Fosters cared for nearly 400 cats per month in their homes, doubling the shelter’s cat capacity. A total of 1,059 foster animals were adopted in 2015. Of those, 90% (mostly cats) were facilitated by Traveling Fosters. 

Want to try the Traveling Fosters program in your community? In this quick, 30-minute webinar (plus Q&A), you will learn how HSWC:

•    Invited their community to be part of the solution
•    Empowered their volunteers
•    Provided supplies and tools to set up fosters for success

This webinar will benefit staff and volunteers from any animal shelter and rescue group who wants to adopt out more cats.

Bonus: Learn more about the Traveling Fosters program.

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