Foster-Based Adoptions

Do you know a dog who’s lovely outside but a poor adoption candidate in the kennel?  Or a cat whose intake paperwork says “sweet and outgoing” but is a limp, scared noodle in a cage?  For these animals, adoption through their foster home may be their best chance at finding a home of their own.

Since 1998, Seattle Animal Shelter has mobilized and empowered a team of foster parents to adopt animals directly from their homes. Lives are being saved and foster parents love to participate in those happy endings! Find out how they do it and learn about dog, cat, and critter foster programs. In this webinar we’ll discuss how to:

  • Set up a foster program structure
  • Use volunteer case managers
  • Select animals for foster
  • Run a foster-based adoption process

This free, 60-minute webinar will benefit any animal welfare professional or volunteer who is interested in trying foster-based adoptions.


Bonus Resources

Be sure to check the last webinar slide for links to Seattle Animal Shelter's sample documents and resources!

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