Is that Cat Feral?

Do you have stray cats entering your shelter?  How and when do you decide to consider them for your adoption floor or determine if they are candidates for TNR? Does your organization use a behavioral assessment to try to gauge the socialization level of a cat entering your system as a stray?  Do you think it’s possible that you may be misinterpreting a scared, socialized cat’s “true self”? This 60-minute webinar explores the difficulties of making these determinations.

  • See how common behavioral assessments perform in identifying friendly but frightened cats.
  • We will share the results of the ASPCA’s extensive research study on social vs. unsocialized cats
  • You will learn which behaviors and responses to interaction can help establish if cats are socialized or not.  

This webinar is a follow-up to the 2010 ASPCA webinar Feral vs. Frightened Pet.

Take the Is That Cat Feral Quiz and see if you can tell.

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