Funding Your Spay/Neuter Program

Launching and sustaining a Spay/Neuter program requires funding.  If you want to serve low-income, impoverished, and most at-risk populations, subsidy is essential. Do you know how to raise funds for your Spay/Neuter initiatives? Is your organization’s leadership prepared to fundraise, write grants, and identify creative funding strategies?

Learn how to establish the right funding mix for your agency.  Find out how several small nonprofits have managed to serve their most at-risk populations through creative funding strategies. This free, 60-minute webinar is designed to help agency leaders establish a strong funding foundation for their new and existing Spay/Neuter programs.

ASPCA Presenters:

Shelby Davis, Director of Spay/Neuter Operations;  Austin Gates, Manager, Ntl. S/N Project