Spay/Neuter: What You Need to Succeed

Planning on starting a spay/neuter clinic? Looking to increase the efficiency of your existing S/N program? Join a discussion with the ASPCA Spay/Neuter Operations Team – they will show you ways to make your operation a long-term success. Find out why effective standard operating procedures (SOPs) are a crucial element in successful program design, and then learn how to develop your own medical and human resource SOPs. Discover how to grow your program to meet increasing demands.  Additional webinar topics include: 

•    The pros and cons of each spay/neuter clinic model
•    Tips on staffing and managing volunteers
•    Secrets to program budgeting 
•    Guidelines for start-up spay/neuter groups

Whether you are a medical expert or a program manager, if you’re interested in high quality high volume spay/neuter, this free, 60-minute webinar is for you.

ASPCA Presenters:
-Aimee Christian, VP, S/N Operations
-Carolyn Brown, DVM, Director, S/N Surgery