Hiring the Right People for Your Culture

Help animal shelters, rescue organizations, and spay/neuter clinics establish and maintain a compassionate, client-centered culture – it starts with hiring the right staff.  

Changing the culture within our organizations can be a huge challenge, and maintaining a great culture is no easy task either.  Nothing is more important to your culture than hiring and keeping the RIGHT people.  In animal welfare, we can prioritize work ethic and love for animals as the top values, but this sometimes fosters a culture of burnout and lack of empathy towards our human clients.

Hiring for compassion towards people, strong empathy and communication skills are part of the “culture fix” but it can be tough to find the right people.  Rest assured – they are out there, and in this webinar, we’ll help you find them!  We will talk about specific tools and strategies to adjust your hiring process to find the right kind of people for the organizational culture you want.  

This free, 60-minute webinar is geared towards hiring managers, board members, and leadership of all animal welfare organizations and spay/neuter clinics.