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A Campaign in Review or, How You ROCKED Adoption Ambassadors 2016!

The ASPCA’s B.J. Rogers shares a quick snapshot of last year’s campaign results. The clear winner? Cats!

The President’s Blog: Are Animal Shelter Outcomes Improving?

Matt Bershadker, ASPCA President & CEO, shares recent trends in nationwide shelter data that show how far we’ve come as a field—and what we need to do next.

How To Survive Kitten Season This Year, Part 2

Dr. Janeczko shows you how to estimate the number of cats you’re likely to see this year.

When Was the Last Time You Thanked Your Local Animal Control Officer?

In honor of National Animal Care & Control Appreciation Week, the ASPCA’s Julie Morris introduces you to 5 hard-working, lifesaving ACOs—and invites you to shout out about your own hometown heroes.


Decoding Spay/Neuter Research, Part 1

The ASPCA’s Vic Spain, DVM, PhD, interprets the results of recent research on the health effects of neutering.

Getting Grants for Cruelty Response: Techniques Built for Speed

Is preventing cruelty part of your agency’s mission? The ASPCA’s Claire Sterling shares tips for securing funding for your efforts.

Let’s Make 1 Million a Modest Ambition

B.J. Rogers announces an exciting new partnership and encourages us all to put our heads—and elbow grease—together to save more cats!

That’s Not My Job, Man!

Dave Betournay explains the key to cross-training staff and volunteers.

Finding Great Transport Partners, Part 2: 4 Things to Look For in a Destination Agency

Starting a transport program or elevating an existing one? Here is Humane Rescue Alliance’s Beau Archer to discuss the right road to finding destination agencies.

We Are All Health Services Researchers

Yes, sheltering professionals, that includes you! The ASPCA’s Dr. Emily Dolan gets the discussion going about the importance of what you’re doing every time you collect data to help improve services.