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We Are All Health Services Researchers

Yes, sheltering professionals, that includes you! The ASPCA’s Dr. Emily Dolan gets the discussion going about the importance of what you’re doing every time you collect data to help improve services.

When The Checks Create Imbalances

The ASPCA’s B.J. Rogers reflects on the nature of open adoptions—and what can happen when we presume the outcome is “yes.”

When Was the Last Time You Adopted a Cat?

Dr. Margaret Slater urges you to put yourself in the shoes of a potential adopter.

Let It Snow

Heather Mohan-Gibbons shares a cool idea for cat enrichment that just might, well, snowball into something big.

The Building Does Not Dictate the Program

Are you running a shelter out of a less-than-ideal facility? Is that getting in the way of providing good programs for the animals in your care? The ASPCA’s Kate Pullen asks some more tough questions and shares an inspiring example of an all-volunteer agency that’s making it work out of a decommissioned fire station!


How To Survive Kitten Season This Year, Part 1

Ready to climb Mount Kitten? In the first installment of her series, Dr. Stephanie Janeczko offers 4 steps for getting started today. (Yes, today!)

Use Your Words

Guest blogger Julie Morris tackles some loaded terms we use to talk about animals and the work we do. What do they mean to you?

How Many Cats Do We Need to Sterilize to Reach Zero Population Growth?

The ASPCA’s Margaret Slater, DVM, PhD, shares some interesting results from research on free-roaming cats she conducted with Stephen L. Zawistowski, PhD, CAAB, Science Advisor Emeritus.

Getting Better Answers by Asking Better Questions

Need a reason to take a coffee break? Here’s a little communications tip you can try during the next conversation you have.

Finding Great Transport Partners, Part 1: 4 Things to Look For in a Source Agency

Starting a transport program or elevating an existing one? Guest blogger Kristen Limbert shares some first steps to keep things headed in the right direction.