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Dr. Emily Weiss

That’s Our Thing

Dr. Emily Weiss shares sage advice on how to interpret those unique behaviors in dogs. (Take note: These observational skills can help get them adopted!)

Research Update: New National Estimates Are In!

Spoiler alert: We’re seeing lots of exciting trends in U.S. shelter data, but keep at it—we are not done yet.

Just a Fluke

Dr. Emily Weiss shares a happy ending for a Horse With No Name.

A Pat on the Back (or the Neck or Chest …)

Dr. Emily Weiss shares research on what makes dogs tick—and what makes adopters pick.

Can We Predict Which Dogs Are a Danger to Cats?

Dr. Emily Weiss digs into a new study that could shift how you assess for predatory behavior in dogs.

The Power of Home

Dr. Emily Weiss reveals the most expedient way to reduce stress in shelter dogs.

How Does Your Return Rate Measure Up?

Dr. Emily Weiss wonders what a low return rate might really mean. (Spoiler Alert: There‘s more than one answer to this question.)

What Is Most Important?

Dr. Emily Weiss outlines what may have the greatest impact on your overall positive outcomes for cats. Is it something you’re doing now?

Turning the Page on Music in Shelters

Words or music? Dr. Emily Weiss shares an exciting new study on the impact of sound on dogs that may find you hitting the books at your shelter.

Raise Your Paw

Get out your decoder glasses as Dr. Emily Weiss digs into the meaning of this common canine behavior—and shares how you can use this info to help the dogs in your care.