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Bert Troughton

Let’s Get Happy

Bert Troughton has discovered the secret to excellent customer service—and is happy to share.

Your Mission…Should You Decide To Rewrite It

Does your shelter’s mission statement describe what you do? If you answered yes, the ASPCA’s Bert Troughton has a suggestion for you.

Returns Reframed

The ASPCA’s Bert Troughton reminds us to keep looking for the positives in returns—and returners.

Let’s See Those Pearly Whites!

Guest blogger Bert Troughton shares the science of smiling—and why you and your coworkers should do it right now.

They Did It On Purpose

Last week I sent an email to several of my colleagues asking them to take on a huge task on a tight timeframe with very little preparation or support. Within a few hours, every single one of them had sent back an enthusiastic “count me in!” And not only that, but then they started sending me notes to thank me for asking them. Now let me clarify some of the context here. To a one, these are people whose work schedules border on the insane. I also have zero authority over any of them – so there’s no sucking up to the boss here. So what the heck is going on? 

They Got Her Off Craigslist…

Bert Troughton starts an important discussion about posting animals for adoption on this popular site.

Check Out The Trees

Bert Troughton suggests that assessing your programs could be a useful exercise.

Can Your Staff Do This?

Bert Troughton shows how a staff empowered to solve problems can result in lives saved.

The Cure for Buyer’s Remorse

A “Satisfaction Guaranteed” policy can mean a non-judgmental end to buyer’s remorse for adopters. Find how it works.

Careful with Your Compliments

I'm a big proponent of giving feedback. In management workshops I often suggest to folks that they try to strike at least a 50/50 balance, but preferably more like 2/3 positive feedback and 1/3 constructive feedback. S...