Shelter Management

Managing a shelter requires that you be a quick-change artist with many hats: volunteer coordinator, fundraiser, marketer, board liaison and HR manager. Whatever hat you've donned, the information here can help you wear it with confidence. Read more about hiring & firing, volunteer management, find forms & samples for staff needs, and boosting your fundraising.

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Getting Better Answers by Asking Better Questions

Tuesday, February 21 2017

Need a reason to take a coffee break? Here’s a little communications tip you can try during the next conversation you have.

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Let’s See Those Pearly Whites!

Friday, February 10 2017

Guest blogger Bert Troughton shares the science of smiling—and why you and your coworkers should do it right now.

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Wanna Go Far? Go Together

Tuesday, February 7 2017

Because, as B.J. Rogers reiterates, there’s something special—if not always
simple—about the power of “together.”

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Most Popular Tools & Tips

Article ASV Shelter Guidelines

The Association of Shelter Veterinarians provides research-based guidelines that help meet sheltered animals' physical, medical, and behavioral needs, and we've created resources to help you use the guidelines efficiently and easily.

Tips Year-End Fundraising Strategies

These tips can help you entice year-end givers and pave a smoother financial road next year.

How-to Stress and Animal Protection Work

Check out this series for ways to harness the energy that comes with stress, create coping strategies for managers, and prevent staff burnout.

Tips Welcome! We’re So Glad You’re Here

These simple tips can make your shelter a more welcoming place – and that’s good for everyone!