Starting a MASH-Style Spay/Neuter Clinic

Humane Ohio started a no-cost spay/neuter program holding monthly MASH-style clinics for both low-income cat owners and caretakers of stray cats in the greater Toledo area. At the time, the program was called Operation FELIX (Feline Education and Love Instead of Extermination).

"Sometimes you have to roll with the punches; you may have too many volunteers or not enough. The same goes with cats! "
Humane Ohio

What it Takes

  • A needs assessment to define the problem and identify existing resources as well as gaps to be filled.
  • A detailed plan to address the problem.
  • Support of local veterinarians.
  • Buy-in from a wide range of community groups.
  • A transport program.
  • A strong core group of staff and volunteers.
  • The ability to raise funds.

What We Like

  • Creative funding solutions including a Community Block Grant.
  • Successful targeting and outreach to low-income pet owners.
  • Relationships with local vocational high schools and vet tech programs.

Step by Step

  1. Download the complete profile (.pdf)
  2. Assess for yourself whether this program is right for your agency.
  3. Use the profile to create and implement a plan for your agency.
  4. Tell us how it goes.