Spay/Neuter Services for Rural Communities

Working from a home base, Shelter Outreach Services (SOS) transports veterinarians, vet techs and essential surgical equipment to set up clinics in five surrounding, mostly rural counties in the Finger Lakes district of New York State.

"Almost any space can work as an operating room with a little creativity and hard work."

What it Takes

  • Expertise in fundraising and non-profit management.
  • Research to determine the services needed within a 70 mile radius of home base.
  • Shelters or humane organizations within the target area interested in participating.
  • Support of veterinarians in participating communities.
  • Operating and recovery space at each participating organization.
  • Qualified medical staff with high standards of care.
  • Reliable volunteers at participating organizations.
  • Provision for post-operative care.
  • A marketing plan.

What We Like

  • Communication with local veterinarians to gain their acceptance.
  • Collaboration with the local shelters and humane organizations - involving them and their volunteers in reducing pet overpopulation.

Step by Step

  1. Download the complete profile
  2. Assess for yourself whether this program is right for your agency.
  3. Grab the sample materials and get started.
  4. Tell us how it goes.