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Year-End Fundraising Strategies

Biting your nails as you wait for those end-of-year financial donations? We have strategies to help you entice last-minute givers while preparing for a smoother financial plan in the coming year.

Being honest while accentuating the positive, telling the right stories, following up and evaluating repeatedly – all these tactics should be part of your fundraising toolkit. Here are some ways to bring it together:

Year-End Strategies for Raising Funds, Not Your Blood Pressure gives you coping strategies for December reports, deadlines and communication with donors.

Look Back to Move Ahead: Tips on Reporting and Learning from Grant-Supported Work offers a funder's perspective on evaluating what is working and what you need to change in the coming year.

10 Steps to Better Fundraising Health focuses on helping you improve the health of your grantwriting efforts over the next 12 months.

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