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Top Toxin Calls State By State

After years of fielding calls at the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, we’ve noticed interesting trends in the types of calls from different states. For example, there’s a big batch of states where rat poison is the top toxin, with one little state – Nebraska – smack-dab in the middle calling mostly about herbal supplements!

Interesting Toxin Tidbits

  • Delaware is the only state in the country where the top toxin call is about grapes
  • Idahoans call primarily about sugar-free gum
  • South Carolina’s top call is about Sago Palm
  • New Hampshire’s top toxin is xylitol
  • Chocolate is loved a little too much on both sides of the country – it’s the top concern in both California and New York
  • Another cross-country pairing: Oregon and Florida both report most calls about cat flea products

Quite a number of states report rat poison toxins most frequently, and ant bait is also a big concern across the country.

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