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How To Create Easy Vertical Space for Cats

Cats are masters at using vertical space—and being able to survey their surroundings from a high perch adds calming enrichment when space is limited.

At a recent ASPCA Field Investigations and Response temporary shelter in North Carolina, the clever use of extra crate doors made life much more interesting for the cats.

You can do something similar in your own shelter—here’s how!

What You’ll Need

  • Extra door from a pet airline crate—door should be large enough to hold an adult cat
  • 2-3 large zip ties
  • Duct tape
  • Soft bedding

Six Easy Steps

  1. Use the door from an airline carrier to create a suspended shelf—the shelf should be large enough to hold an adult cat.
  2. Place the door in a corner of the cat enclosure with the latch pointing towards the floor.
  3. Use several large zip ties to make a loop from the top of the cat enclosure through the crate door to suspend the shelf.
  4. Secure the sides with a few zip ties for stability and cut the sharp edges off.
  5. Wrap duct tape around the primary support to prevent the cat from getting stuck in the loop created by the zip ties.
  6. Add soft bedding to cover the shelf and wait for a cat to try it out!

Want to print out the instructions?

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