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Return to Owner

Looking to increase your live release rate by returning more lost pets to their homes? Return to Owner (RTO) programs can also prevent more animals from straying in the first place.

ASPCA Research

ID ME: ID Tags Save Lives
What's one simple step your shelter can take so that lost animals return home before supper time?

The Whole Scoop: Lost and Found Programs

"Addressing" the Issue
The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region combines good data collection with animal reports by zip code to reunite pets and owners.

On the Case: Pet Detectives
Miami Dade Animal Services has an all-volunteer group that digs into lost and found animal reports and follows up with owners and finders of lost pets.

Old School, New Tricks
SPCA Tampa Bay's method for reuniting lost pets with their families combines traditional print media with the latest technology.

Download This: 18 Facts at Your Fingertips (.pdf) To whet your appetite: # 6. Log strays by the zip code where they were found, not the zip code of the person who brings them in.

Learn How Now: Spay or Pay

Step-by-step instructions for implementing two successful programs at your agency:

Solving the Problem of Problem Owners 
The spay or pay ordinance in Springfield, MA, offers owners of intact animals picked up by animal control a financial incentive to alter animals most at risk for breeding, biting and health issues.

An Offer They Can't Refuse
Town Lake Animal Center teams up with Emancipet, a low-cost spay/neuter clinic, to reduce the number of unaltered animals running at large.

Learn How Now: Licensing

Step-by-step instructions for implementing programs that can increase return to owner rates, compliance and funds for spay/neuter assistance:

Education + Zero Tolerance Policy=89%Return Rate
Most lost dogs in the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, get back home safely. Here's how.

Profile: Effective Enforcement 
By issuing automatic citations, Fremont Animal Services has effective pet licensing enforcement in the (mail)bag.

Copy Cat Campaign 
By adapting one agency's successful program and adding the media to the mix, Spokane County Regional Animal Care and Protection Services saw significant increase in the number of licensed pets.

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