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Fresh Whiteboard Ideas for Equine Groups

Whiteboards (or dry-erase boards) are a mainstay of horse facilities because they create an invaluable space to keep track of the daily needs of the equine residents. Here are a few exciting variations on this handy tool to spark your own creativity.

California Coastal Horse Rescue has its own take on the traditional whiteboard. Each horse has his own small board that is easily attached to the larger board, so if a horse moves into a different paddock, there is no chance of his feeding instructions getting confused because his name is attached to his "old" location.

This approach also allows for ease of updating each horse's regimen without having to maneuver around other writing on the board!

Gentle Spirit Horses Rescue and Sanctuary in South Dakota uses a two-board, color-coded system to clearly identify which category each horse falls into: red is for currently in rehab, blue designates adoptable horses, green indicates permanent residents and orange is reserved for the boarded horses who help defray the costs of those in all the other categories.

A second board aids in planning pasture rotation and helps volunteers learn the horses' names and markings more quickly. When finished, the board will have photos of the horses attached to the board with Velcro, so there will be no more guessing when a new volunteer is sent out to collect "Brandy", the chestnut mare in pasture four.

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