Saving Lives

The Seven SAFER Assessment Items

SAFER® is a seven-item canine aggression assessment that generally takes no more than 10 minutes per dog to complete. The SAFER Assessment is designed to assess the probability of future aggression in dogs age six months and older. The assessment uses researched items that elicit responses that are predictive of future behavior.


About the Assessment Items
How to Use the Materials
Which Dogs to Assess and When
Training, Skills & Equipment for Assessment
Role of the Observer

Full Assessment on a Large Dog


Full Assessment on a Small Dog

SAFER Assessment Items

Scoring and Assessment Follow-up

Body posture posters for your assessment room (.pdf)
SAFER Assessment Worksheet (.pdf)
Using the SAFER Assessment Worksheet (.pdf)
SAFER Scores and Probability of Aggression (.pdf)
After Assessment: Determining Next Steps
Behavior Modification Protocols