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Finding a GIS Analyst

Are you interested in a GIS project but don’t have an in-house analyst? There are people and institutions you can ask for help.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

The GIS Certification Institute offers a listing of state and local groups involved in GIS technology. The levels of expertise and backgrounds of members are quite diverse. Contact groups through their websites and ask for help with your efforts.

Many municipal departments, regional planning and government councils utilize GIS and may be able to provide the services you need to analyze your data.

Companies that are involved in urban and regional planning, transportation and infrastructure will often be able to provide GIS services for a fee.

Often university and college geography departments have GIS (or spatial analysis) expertise and/or students interested in learning GIS. Professors and students look for projects to support their community, and graduate or undergraduate projects could be focused around analyzing your community’s data. Some schools also have service units that may provide GIS services for a fee.

Look closely at your volunteer database. Someone with GIS expertise may be someone you already know. They would likely be thrilled to work on a GIS project or may offer great ideas on where to look for local assistance.

Here is a complete list of the tools available to launch your own GIS project.