Saving Lives

Step 3: Create Shelter-to-Home Placement Plan

Average Time Needed

1 to 2 weeks


Your coordinator can lead this step, which involves knowing your intake-to-availability process and identifying what it’ll take to get an animal ready to place in an Adoption Ambassadors home.

This step can take some time because it usually involves multiple departments in the shelter or organization. Gather the following people together and develop a plan that works for your shelter: foster coordinator, head vet tech, shelter ops person, adoption lead and intake lead.

Details to Consider

Since animals placed in the program will need to be altered and vaccinated before they’re placed, timing will matter. So as you take this step, ask yourself these questions:

  • When do animals get behavior evaluations?
  • When are they scheduled for surgery?
  • Once they’re selected, do you choose their Ambassador or do Ambassadors drive the match?

Decide at which point Adoption Ambassadors animals will be selected and flagged in the system to make everyone aware they will go into homes and not the adoption floor, and then determine how photos and information about the animals will be collected and sent to Adoption Ambassadors.

Tools to Get You Going