Saving Lives

What Feline-ality Can Do for Your Shelter

In the United States, the number of companion cats is now significantly higher than dogs. More households than ever before have at least one cat and the number of people who own more than one cat has greatly increased as well.

While the popularity of feline companions is rising, supply still exceeds demand and animal shelters are bursting at the seams with more adult cats than they can adopt out. And, although there are twice as many cats as dogs in many shelters, cat are half as likely to get adopted.

Why Bring Feline-ality to Your Shelter?

Despite shelters' efforts, the sobering reality is that the public is more likely to bring a stray cat into their homes than to adopt from a shelter. Thirty-four percent of cat guardians report acquiring their feline companion as a stray, compared to 16% who report adopting their cat from a shelter.

The Feline-ality Adoption Program increases opportunities for shelter cats to find loving homes by:

  • Allowing your shelter to customize and create lasting matches between adopters and cats
  • Helping your shelter to better market adult cats
  • Increasing your shelter's cat adoptions and reducing returns
  • Improving your customer service
  • Positioning your shelter to provide customized matching that new pet owners can't get anywhere else
  • Most importantly, increasing the likelihood that adopters will bond with their cats and truly bring them into their families.

Feline-ality in Action

Watch a quick overview about Feline-ality.