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Scoring the Feline-ality Assessment Worksheet

The Feline-ality Assessment scoring is based on two scales:

  1. The Valiance Scale refers to the cat's boldness and response to novel stimuli:
    • A high valiant cat is likely to approach new stimuli, and is less likely to hide when visitors come.
    • A low valiant cat is likely to retreat from novel stimuli, including new people.
  2. The Independent-Gregarious Scale measures the likelihood that a cat will:
    • Spend most of his time in the same room as the adopter and family
    • Solicit and accept petting
    • Be friendly with children
    • Work to find new ways to get attention

Assigning Cats Their Feline-ality

  1. Use the Valiance Scale to assign the color of the cat's cage card and Meet your Match color category.
  2. Use the Independent-Gregarious Scale to assign the specific Feline-ality description (Love Bug, Leader of the Band, Sidekick, etc.).

Distribution of Orange, Purple, Green Cats

Cats are more likely to score orange (medium valiance) than any other color. However, you will see a fair number of purples and greens as well. It is likely you will see fewer orange independent cats (Executives) and green independent cats (MVPs) represented on your adoption floor.

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