Saving Lives

Scoring the Cat Adopter Survey

The 16-question Cat Adopter Survey allows adoption counselors to get to know adopters and to help adopters identify what they want in a cat.

Why It's a Survey, Not an Application

Using the term "survey" is integral to Meet Your Match. It conveys the importance of the adopter's expectations about their new cat. The term "survey" also conveys that there are no right or wrong answers to the questions. By contrast, the term "application" is associated with pass/fail.

What the Survey Tells You About Adopters

When you score the survey, you have solid information about:

  • The level of feline valiance the adopter is most compatible with
  • Where the adopter's preferences fall on the independent-gregarious scale

The survey also provides information about the adopter's:

  • Experience with cats
  • Expectations regarding social interaction
  • Preferences for behaviors such as vocalization and play
  • Assessment of their home environment

Sometimes an adopter has already selected the cat they wish to adopt before completing the survey. It is still very valuable for the adopter to complete the survey and for you to talk about the results, especially with respect to the cat the adopter has chosen. The survey is a key tool for helping adopters know what to expect during the cat's first few weeks in their home.

Feline-ality in Action

Learn more about adopter compatibility and watch an adoption counselor score a Cat Adopter Survey.

Using Guest Passes

After you tally the adopter's survey and discuss the results with the adopter, you can give the adopter a color-coded guest pass matching the level of feline valiance they are most compatible with based on their survey. The color of each cat's cage card is determined by the cat's valiance score from the Feline-ality Assessment.