Saving Lives

Helping Adopters Meet Their Match

The Meet your Match Feline-ality Assessment, Cat Adopter Survey, and color-coded cage cards and guest passes provide a fun and informative framework by which adoption counselors and adopters work together to find the right match for adopter and cat.

The adopter survey and the cat's assessment provide you with tools and information to help the adopter make an educated decision. This is true even when an adopter chooses a cat outside their color category (e.g., an orange adopter chooses a green cat).

You can use both the survey and the cat's assessment to help adopters prepare for the cat's first few weeks in their home. For example, you can suggest appropriate toys to have on hand for a playful cat so that the cat is less likely to play with inappropriate items in the adopter's home.

Using the talking points identified by the adopter survey creates a positive relationship between the adopter and counselor — even if the adopter chooses not to adopt. Regardless of the outcome, when the adopter reaches a decision through friendly dialogue based on relevant information, the result is a win-win for cats, adopters, counselors, and agencies.

Feline-ality in Action

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