Saving Lives

Feline-ality Item 9: Play

Some adopters prefer very playful cats, while other adopters are not much interested in frequent play sessions with their cat. The Play Item determines a cat’s playfulness, sociability, and toy preferences. The item also correlates with a cat’s activity level in the home. Cats who actively engaged in play during this item were more likely to display high activity levels in their new home than cats who didn’t engage in play during this item.

Feline-ality in Action

Watch the Play Item in action. Please note that based on recent research and modification of the Feline-ality program, the Play Item is now Item 9, not 6 as noted in the video.

Common Errors during Assessment

  • Evaluator does not try to engage the cat with three different toys.
  • Evaluator moves too quickly and intimidates the cat.
  • Shelter environment outside the Novel Room is distracting to the cat.