Saving Lives

Feline-ality Item 10: Hug

Some cats tolerate handling well, while others resist being confined or restricted in any way. The Hug Item is designed to determine the cat’s comfort level with being picked up and held. Cats with high positive scores are more likely to tolerate the sometimes awkward handling by children and the higher amounts of physical affection and cuddling some adopters expect from their cats. A cat with a lower score item will appeal to adopters who prefer a more independent cat who doesn’t seek physical contact.

Feline-ality in Action

Watch the Hug Item in action.  Please note that based on recent research and modification of the Feline-ality program, the Hug Item is now Item 10, not 7 as noted in the video.

Common Errors during Assessment

  • Evaluator holds the cat on his back.
  • Evaluator holds the cat too tightly or for too long.
  • Shelter environment outside the Novel Room is distracting to the cat.