Saving Lives

Prize-Winning Promotions

Are you in the market for a new campaign to promote your oh-so-adoptable animals and their wonderful qualities? Would something eye-catching, funny, and even a little provocative fit the bill? Have we got a campaign for you!

"Adopt Your New BFF Today"

Mint Advertising of Branchburg, NJ, donated their services to create a sassy and smart adoption campaign for St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center of Madison, NJ. Mint Advertising created posters and billboards promoting important qualities of St. Hubert's animals, such as "great listener" and "not into the bar scene."

The results have been a win for everyone:

  • Mint Advertising won a design award for this clever campaign.
  • St. Hubert's got top-notch advertising materials pro bono.
  • And most importantly, St. Hubert's animals got NOTICED. During the month in 2010 that the billboards were up, St. Hubert's web traffic increased 24% over the same month in 2009, and unique visitors to the site were up 14%.

It Gets Better

Mint Advertising and St. Hubert's asked to make these prize-winning ads available for other shelters to use.

  • Below, you can download Microsoft Word files of four of the posters in 8.5 x 11 inch format. Each has space for you to add your agency's logo and contact information.
  • You can also contact Mint Advertising directly for artwork files of larger posters and the billboards, which were too big to post on our website. Email Mint Advertising CEO, Eric Schoenfeld to arrange to receive the files.