Expectations of Organizations Applying for ASPCA Grants

The ASPCA carefully considers a number of factors in our grant review process. Among those factors is an organization's ability to demonstrate its stability and professionalism.

Organizations who can demonstrate the following qualifications in their applications are in the best position to receive funding from the ASPCA in a timely manner:

  • Access to other sources of funding
  • Active fundraising efforts
  • Collaboration with other animal welfare organizations
  • Up-to-date and accurate website 

Your honest answers to our application questions are essential. Accurate reporting and representation of your organization will help us customize our support and build a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

The use of correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your application is also an indicator of your organization's professionalism.

Finally, we encourage you to submit requests that adhere to the specific guidelines outlined on this site. While we receive many meritorious requests that deserve funding, we can only consider those which match our priorities.

Preparation! Preparation! Preparation!

Take the time to properly conduct research before you submit, in order to create a successful application. For more useful advice, review this list of helpful tips for grantseekers (.pdf) from the ASPCA’s senior director of grants management.  

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