ASPCA Grant Application Process

Step 1: Review the ASPCA Grant Guidelines

The ASPCA establishes specific funding priorities and restrictions on the kinds of work we will support and adheres firmly to those guidelines. 

Review the guidelines to ensure that your organization and the work you want us to fund are in line with our guidelines. Be sure to also read the guidelines on the individual Request for Proposals for the funding opportunity that you are interested in.

Step 2: Submit an Application

The ASPCA only accepts proposals through its online application system.

Each funding opportunity, such as sheltering and spay/neuter, equine, and emergency/disaster, has its own Request for Proposals (RFP) and application link. In addition to our general guidelines, each RFP has specific funding priorities, requirements, and restrictions that are listed on its page. 

Required Documentation

Please note that you may need to submit the following documentation with your application:

  • Most recent Form 990, if applicable
  • Professional references
  • Photographic or other evidence of property and/or animals to be served by a grant award
  • Two most recent audited financial statements, if available
  • Current and previous year organizational budgets
  • Vendor quotes and/or other price documentation
  • Project budget and timeline
  • IRS Determination Letter
  • A completed W-9 if you are a government agency

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please note that you will need your Federal Tax ID (Employer Identification Number) to complete the online application. The ASPCA does not accept requests or applications submitted via hard copy, fax, or email.

ASPCA grants staff will review your application to determine whether the request meets our guidelines and there is funding available. The application will then undergo a programmatic review by ASPCA regional program staff and executives. We will reply by email with either a declination or a funding decision. Because the ASPCA receives far more proposals than it can possibly support, some requests are declined. We make every effort to promptly notify you of our decision.

The ASPCA staff accepts and reviews grant requests on an ongoing basis. Unless otherwise stated, there are no particular deadlines to meet; however, fourth quarter requests will be at a competitive disadvantage due to budgetary restrictions, so we encourage earlier submissions when possible. Exceptions are made for genuine disasters and emergencies and responses to animal cruelty.

Step 3: If Your Application Is Funded

If your application is selected for funding, you will be notified by email with an attached grant agreement letter. Grant payments are made by check and typically take 2-6 weeks depending on volume. Grantees are expected to meet certain grant requirements and reporting at the end of the grant term.

Please note that you may access your applications and, if funded, grant requirements on the My Accounts page of the grants application site. Please bookmark this site for future reference.

Unless otherwise stated, organizations that have previously been awarded grants may apply for additional grants, contingent upon the successful, timely completion of active grant reporting and requirements. Active grant requirements and their deadlines may be viewed by logging into your account.

Please note that proposals funded in one year are not assured of future funding. Requests for additional or follow-on funding should go through the normal application process.

How Long Does it Take?

The entire grant-making process – from your submission of your application to receipt of the grant agreement letter – in some cases takes up to 90 days. Please take this into account when applying for funding for time-sensitive projects. Only qualified disaster and emergency requests are given preference.

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