Meet Your Match

Promoting Meet Your Match

Tools and resources you need to talk about Meet Your Match with your adopters and promote the program in your community.

You've Got: Press Materials

Download our Canine-ality™ Publicity Guide (.doc) 
Download our Feline-ality™ Publicity Guide (.doc)

Success Story: Scoring Good Coverage
The Jacksonville Humane Society was abuzz with media attention before, during and after its launch of Meet Your Match.

You've Got: Style Guides

Brand Standards Toolbook (.pdf) 
Everything you need to produce online and print materials for Meet Your Match programs.

Trademark Guidelines 
Simple-to-implement guidelines for compliance with the ASPCA's Meet Your Match programs' trademarks and copyrights.

You've Got: Goodies for Your Website (and Beyond)

Access Canine-ality Graphics
Access Feline-ality Graphics 
Download and Embed Canine-ality and Feline-ality Movies

To graphically support any of the Meet Your Match programs that you are implementing:
1. Right-click on the logo (.gif) and select Save Image As. 
2.Save the image file in a folder on your computer for your use.

​You've Got: Ways to Make Better Adoptions

Learn to Talk the Talk
Check this sample language (.doc) for sound bites to introduce the adopter surveys to visitors quickly and clearly.

Success Story: Soulmate Adoptions at Richmond SPCA 
The Richmond SPCA saw both adult cat and dog adoptions jump by over 60% after an innovative "Find Your Soulmate" promotion.

Spokane Has Spoken: It's Time to Meet Your Match 
Spokane's three sheltering agencies implement Meet Your Match together.