ASPCA Partnerships

ASPCA Partnerships

Launched in 2007, the ASPCA Partnership is a multi-year collaboration between the ASPCA and local organizations in communities across the United States. Our objective is clear: To provide immediate, measurable and sustainable change for those animals most at risk. How to get there is clear, too: Through collaboration and data-driven programs. 

The ASPCA provides support, training, financial resources and tools to help partner agencies work together to achieve their shared goals to reduce intake and increase live outcomes.

The ASPCA is not currently soliciting new communities to join the ASPCA Partnership program. To learn about the successful ways that current and alumni ASPCA Partnership communities have collaborated to save more animals’ lives, we encourage you to view their individual pages so that you can start your own collaborative efforts.

Featured Community: Miami-Dade County, FL
Check out our ASPCA Partnership agencies in action:

Lives Impacted…And Counting!

ASPCA Partnership agencies have seen a dramatic change in the increase of lives saved and animals spayed and neutered. Check this space for the latest total number of animals impacted by the ASPCA Partnership agencies since 2007.*

Total Live Releases: 618,466
Total Targeted Spay/Neuter: 664,556

* Total live releases in all communities since the beginning of their partnership through September, 2014; total targeted spay/neuter in all communities since the beginning of their partnership through September, 2014

ASPCA Partnership Communities

Click the name of each community for an in-depth look at their challenges, successes, plans and programs.

Albuquerque, NM
Charlotte, NC
Louisville, KY
Miami-Dade County, FL

ASPCA Partnership Alumni

Austin, TX
Buncombe County, NC
Cleveland, OH
Charleston County, SC
Oklahoma City, OK
Sacramento, CA
Shelby County, AL
Spokane, WA
Tampa, FL

Interactive Brochure: All You Need to Know

Click to open this colorful brochure that features an overview of the ASPCA Partnership program, lists what the ASPCA provides to participating agencies and reveals slammin' spay/neuter and live release stats.