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Ninja Panthers & More: 9 Black Cat Promotions

You've probably heard the one about witches trying to adopt black cats out at Halloween for nefarious purposes. To help you promote your dark-furred beauties, we've compiled these black cat promotions from your colleagues at agencies all around the country—great inspiration for Halloween or whenever black is in season (er, that would be anytime...)

When the Humane Society of South Mississippi found themselves with 44 black and mostly black cats available for adoption this summer, they decided to run this fun “Adopt A Mini-Panther Promotion.”


Anyone who adopted a black kitty could pick their own adoptions price (a minimum $5 donation and a  $5 tag fee). We also love the way HSSM raised awareness on their Facebook page: “Black cats are among the most difficult to adopt out,” they told fans.“The reasons vary, but psychological studies show that it is harder for people to read the facial expressions of an animal's dark face. Some people find them intimidating, and of course, black cats carry a lot of superstitions and 'bad luck' that people still believe...we think they're GREAT!” Larimer Humane Society slashed prices on adoption fees for black cats, kittens, dogs and puppies when they noticed there were more dark-furred animals than usual at their Colorado facility: 


Love this campaign signage from Liberty Humane Society's “Black is the new black” event, held last year as part of Best Friends Animal Society's national Back in Black promotion.


 In 2010, ASPCA partner Cleveland Animal Protective League teamed up with 5 other Northeast Ohio organizations, including Geauga Humane Society and Lake Humane Society, on their first fee-waived “Everything Goes With Black” promotion, during which 159 cats (including 79 black felines!) found homes.

And P.S., they're doing it again this year.


Snazzy signage from Seattle Humane Society, in which they promote their Black Cat Club:




ASPCA partner Asheville Humane Society hosted a $9 Ninja Panthers adoption promotion.


Thanks to the generosity of a special Dudley Grant for Black Cats, the agency offered $9 adoptions for a week in August. Adopters also received a $10 gift certificate to their store.


Have you run a black cat adoptions promotion? Please share your experience in the comment box.