Meet Your Match

About This Program

ASPCA's successful Meet Your Match program provides great resources for increasing your adoption numbers!

Want to increase adoption numbers while reducing returns? The ASPCA's Meet Your Match Canine-ality, Puppy-ality and Feline-ality science-based programs are fun and highly effective.

MYM: The Movie!

Lights, camera…adoption! This snazzy, interactive clip of the Canine-ality program in action gives you an idea of how much fun matchmaking can be for your potential adopters.


What research-based adoptions program increases adoptions, decreases returns and ups your chances of making successful, compatible matches from the get-go? Meet the ASPCA's Meet Your Match (MYM) Canine-ality and Puppy-ality.

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Meet Your Match Feline-ality is a research-based adoption program for cats that is proven to save feline lives.

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Promoting Meet Your Match

Tools and resources you need to talk about Meet Your Match with your adopters and promote the program in your community.

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Meet Your Match Resources

Documents, forms, and information to help you get started with the Meet Your Match adoption program.

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