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What If People Are Doing the Best They Can?

Wednesday, August 17 2016

What can you do the next time you encounter a difficult situation with someone coming through your doors? While empathy is something that can be taught, compassion is a little trickier. Guest Blogger B.J. Rogers offers a place to start that has a genuinely transformative power.

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Are You Following the 10-4 Rule at Your Shelter?

Wednesday, July 27 2016

So easy you can stand up and try this right now!

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When You Can Say No

Thursday, July 21 2016

Dr. Emily Weiss has recently received emails from folks in the animal sheltering field asking different versions of the question, “When is it okay to say no to a potential adopter?” Read on for her response. (Spoiler alert: you’ll mostly be finding ways to say yes.)

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