Intake Procedures

From the first “hello” the actions you take can help set an animal up for a healthy stay and successful adoption. A meticulous but streamlined intake procedure is key, and we’ve got resources to guide you at each step.

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Article Cough Drop Toxicity in Pets

Pets will often suck down the cough drops their owners have handy. For the most part, cough drops aren’t as serious as some other flu and cold medications, but there are a few things to watch out for.

Article Marijuana Toxicosis in Animals

Cannabis – or marijuana – exposure is common in pets, and although it generally is not a life-threatening issue, questions about the nature or amount of ingestion can make treatment complicated.

Tips When Pet Poisonings Affect Your Staff

Some pet poisonings can affect not just your patient, but your staff’s health as well. This list will alert you when extra caution is needed.

Publication Cocoa bean mulch as a cause of methylxanthine toxicosis in dogs

Methylxanthine toxicosis abstract, background, case series and conclusions.