Intake Procedures

From the first “hello” the actions you take can help set an animal up for a healthy stay and successful adoption. A meticulous but streamlined intake procedure is key, and we’ve got resources to guide you at each step.

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How To Survive Kitten Season This Year, Part 1

Tuesday, March 7 2017

Ready to climb Mount Kitten? In the first installment of her series, Dr. Stephanie Janeczko offers 4 steps for getting started today. (Yes, today!)

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Tip of the Week: Shine a Light on Ringworm

Monday, November 21 2016

A simple ringworm-ID technique that saves time, resources and lives. 

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Tip of the Week: Tools of the Tray

Monday, June 6 2016

Need to train new staff on how to set up tools for feline intake? Let’s go to the drawing board!

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Most Popular Tools & Tips

Forms & Samples Intake Exam Checklist

This intake checklist for cats or dogs ensures you've got everything covered from head to tail.

How-to Body Condition Scores at Intake

How the same criteria is used throughout intake to determine physical condition and assign scores consistently.

How-to Supply List for Intake Exam Rooms

A calm space where you can conduct intake exams for animals entering your facility is crucial.

How-to Managing Intake by Appointment

To avoid an overwhelming, unpredictable flow of surrendered pets and strays, Oregon Humane requires admissions appointments.