ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center

Human & Animal Medication

They may be good for people, but they can be deadly for pets. Along with old-school medications, such as cold and flu treatments, eye drops and NSAIDS, you’ll find information in this section about lesser-seen medications, supplements and topical creams.

You’ll also find information on medication designed for animals that can present problems, along with treatment options for various species and levels of toxicity.

Over the Counter Medications

Nothing to Sneeze At: Cold & Flu Medications

Syncope with Eye Drops

Dextromethorphan Ingestion in Pets

Cough Drop Toxicity in Pets

Psuedoephedrine Toxicity

Topical Creams and Pets: A Dangerous Combination

Antihistamine Toxicosis

Prescription Medications

Treating Ingestion of Efudex in Canines

Antibiotics and Seizures

Topical Creams and Pets: A Dangerous Combination

Local Anesthetic Toxicosis

Antidepressant Overdoses in Dogs

Baclofen Overdose in Dogs

Managing Beta Blocker Toxicosis

Calcium Channel Blocker Toxicosis

Acute Thyroid Hormone Overdosage

Veterinary Medications

Understanding Trazodone Toxicosis

Local Anesthetic Toxicosis

Acute Thyroid Hormone Overdosage

Chronic Therapeutic Dangers of Carprofen

Overdoses of Parenteral Chondroprotective Agents


Overdoses of Oral Chondroprotective Agents

Oral Joint Supplements & Alpha Lipoic Acid

Ingestion of OTC Calcium Supplements

Chloecalciferol Poisoning

5-HTP and Pets: A Potentially Lethal Combination


Understanding and Treating NSAIDS

Phenylbutazone: A Pain in the Bute

CNS Dangers of Ibubrofen

Dangers of Diclofenac

Ibuprofen Toxicosis in Dogs, Cats, Ferrets