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"I don't recall ever seeing a more efficient and qualified crime scene team anywhere. It definitely made a difference in the outcome of the case." -Richard M. Shields, Prosecuting Attorney, Henry County, Missouri

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How Agencies Can Participate

The FIR Response Partner Program allows the ASPCA to join forces with local and national shelters, rescue groups, disaster response teams and animal control agencies to help animals in dire situations. Partners provide much-needed assistance by sending skilled staff and volunteers to assist with field rescue, crime scene documentation and emergency sheltering.

Partners also provide rescued animals a chance for a new life by accepting them into their adoption programs. FIR's response partners have placed thousands of animals from disaster and cruelty cases into loving homes and that number continues to grow. 

When partners accept animals for placement, the ASPCA provides:

  • General veterinary care for all animals, including vaccines, rabies and health certificates for out-of-state transfer, deworming/parasite treatment, heartworm & FIV/FeLV tests and more
  • On-site behavior assessments provided by certified  behaviorists
  • Direct transportation of animals or transport assistance
  • Financial support in the form of grants to offset costs
  • Recognition of the partnership on ASPCA outlets and media support for generating local interest in rescued animals

When partners deploy staff/volunteers, the ASPCA provides:

  • Invaluable experience in the field working alongside ASPCA experts
  • Knowledge and practical experience with  ASPCA protocols
  • Opportunities to learn new skills in areas like animal handling, emergency sheltering and animal training and behavior

Additional benefits include:

  • Eligibility for Response Partner program grants
  • Access to FIR team experts
  • Resource sharing
  • Media opportunities

"The benefits of working with FIR are many and varied. For staff, it is a secondary training. Those who deploy learn new skills, build confidence, and come back feeling that they have made a positive difference. It's great team building and keeps staff enthused and engaged. Accepting animals from FIR is a partnership. They are organized and available, as well as supportive. They stand behind everything they do. I encourage every organization to work with this professional group.
– Shelley Thayer, Cat Depot, Sarasota, FL

Partner with FIR

If your organization is interested in partnering with the ASPCA to save more lives, please review and complete the Response Partner application and liability waiver. We will review your information and contact you. If accepted into the program, we will enter into an agreement regarding the partnership and your organization will be added to our database to be contacted when deployment or placement opportunities arise.  Have more questions? Please email us at