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The ASPCA supports managing community cat colonies primarily through TNR. This section includes the latest research plus resources for organizations, individual caregivers and communities.

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Messaging Community Cats: 5 Creative Approaches

Tuesday, October 18 2016

Here are great outreach materials that’ll help you talk up TNR in your community.

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5 Winter Care Tips for Community Cats

Friday, January 8 2016

Five quick tips that’ll help community cat caretakers and their colonies make it safely through the cold winter months.

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What Makes Conversations About Free-Roaming Cats So Difficult?

Tuesday, October 13 2015

Waxing philosophic on TNR, the ASPCA’s Dr. Margaret Slater shares some new perspectives.

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Most Popular Tools & Tips

How-to Creating a Community-Wide Program to Manage Feral and Free-Roaming Cats

See how a “cat captain” network can help give caregivers resources they need to manage their colonies.

Tips Tips for Housing Feral Cats

Since ferals may be less healthy, more aggressive and more easily stressed than your general cat population, giving them a separate housing area benefits everyone.

Research ASPCA Research: Is This Cat Feral?

How ASPCA research helps answer the question.

How-to Mass Trapping for Feral Cats

Interested in the mechanics of trapping and altering an entire colony at once? This how-to from Neighborhood Cats in New York City explains what it takes and provides a step-by-step guide.