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Update: In 2015 the ASPCA published research on a modified Feline-ality assessment which accommodates assessment as early as 18 hours post-intake. The research found that the modified assessment is predictive of behavior of cats post-adoption. Implement the modified assessment using the training manual, new assessment and score sheet.

The ASPCA's Meet Your Match® Feline-ality™ has been proven to save lives at shelters all across the country. The research-based adoptions program utilizes two important tools: You conduct the Feline-ality Assessment, which reliably predicts how an individual cat is likely to behave in her new home, and your adopters take the Cat Adopter Survey, which identifies the aspects of the adopter's preferences and expectations.

We've compiled resources to help get you started with Feline-ality – or enrich your current program.

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Feline-ality: The Movie!

What Is Feline-ality?

What Feline-ality Can Do for Your Shelter

How Feline-ality Was Developed

Initial Research and Results

Implementing Feline-ality (on a Shoestring)

Meet the Feline-alities

Performing the Assessment

The Feline-ality Assessment Items

Scoring the Feline-ality Worksheet

Practice Scoring a Full Assessment

Scoring the Cat Adopter Survey

Helping Adopters Meet Their Match

Feline-ality Tips, Tools & Materials

Feline-ality FAQs

Feline-ality Glossary

Feline-ality Training Manual 

Reproducible Forms & Templates

Feline-ality Video for Adopters

Tips for Communicating with Adopters

Reducing Feline Stress Before Assessment

Feline-ality Case Studies

Soulmate Adoptions Soar

MYM at Jacksonville Humane

Spokane, It's Time to Meet Your Match

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