ASPCA Equine Fund

The ASPCA Equine Fund

Join the ASPCA’s Horse Action Team!
The ASPCA is creating a special Horse Action Team and we need your help! Get involved by attending a town hall meeting, writing an opinion letter to your newspaper, meeting with the federal legislator in your district. We’ll provide messaging and background on horse slaughter and the SAFE Act, plus strategic advice to help secure legislative support. Fall 2015 will be pivotal in the fight against horse slaughter, so please register now.

ASPCA Equine Fund

The ASPCA has a 150-year history of protecting equines. In fact, ASPCA founder Henry Bergh was a pioneer in equine welfare, daily supplying fresh drinking water to workhorses in Manhattan and overseeing the creation of the first ambulance and sling for injured horses.

Today, the ASPCA Equine Fund (AEF) offers lifesaving resources for equine rescues and sanctuaries and fights for equine protection on the legislative level. Through a combination of financial help, in-person and online training and sharing of best practices, AEF supports the organizations and individuals who are saving our nation's horses.

More Lifesaving Resources

The AEF cooperates with other equine resources that can also provide support and information. The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries works at an international level to help equine rescues and sanctuaries improve animal care, obtain funding and connect with the larger animal protection community. The Homes for Horses Coalition is a collective of professionals working together to advance equine protection by promoting growth and professionalism in the equine protection community.