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From disaster response training to emergency sheltering and evacuation plans to cruelty investigation and prosecution, this section is filled with resources to help you prepare for trying times. Learn more about disaster preparedness, find sample documents for cruelty cases, and see how you can help combat blood sports.

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Adoption Ambassadors 2016 Campaign Update: 3 Happy Tails

Tuesday, December 6 2016

We’ve often shared the research behind Adoption Ambassadors, but nothing drives that point home like hearing about animals whose lives were saved because of the program. Get ready to meet three right now.

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“When Will People Learn?”

Thursday, December 1 2016

Ever heard a staff member say something similar after a pet owner comes in to relinquish an animal? Ever said it yourself? Dr. Emily Weiss takes the discussion in a different direction—to a place where we work to keep the pets and the people who love them together.

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Tip of the Week: Shop 'Til They Adopt

Monday, November 28 2016

Holiday shopping? Bringing foster pets along will get them lots of extra exposure.

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Get those ribbons ready: Research shows no increased risk of relinquishment for dogs and cats received as gifts.​

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These guides for cat and dog foster homes are in Word, so you can customize them for your specific needs.

Tips Five Winter Tips for Keeping Horses Healthy

Follow these winter horse care tips to keep your equines healthy and warm in winter!

Tips Tips for Adopting Animals Directly from Foster Homes

Successful foster programs, like Adoption Ambassadors, empower foster parents to place animals directly into their new homes – use these practical tips to make it a smooth process.