Disaster & Cruelty

From disaster response training to emergency sheltering and evacuation plans to cruelty investigation and prosecution, this section is filled with resources to help you prepare for trying times. Learn more about disaster preparedness, find sample documents for cruelty cases, and see how you can help combat blood sports.

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Report from the Field: California Wildfire Rescue

Tuesday, September 27 2016

When wildfires raged out of control and 6,000 people and their pets were evacuated from a California town last month, the ASPCA Field Investigations and Response Team answered the call for help. Ehren Melius, Shelter Director, shares his account of this intense operation.

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Get It Now: Emergency Sheltering Tips

Tuesday, September 13 2016

A 10-page illustrated guide that’s yours for the downloading

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Talking With: Cleveland’s Ed Jamison, ACO on a Mission

Wednesday, April 13 2016

The City of Cleveland Animal Care and Control’s Chief ACO talks philosophy, shares some of the exciting changes underway in Cleveland and gives sage advice for new ACOs.

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Most Popular Tools & Tips

Tools Most Commonly Used Emergency & Disaster Acronyms

Disaster acronyms got you confused? Use our handy glossary to help you decipher what a JITT and a JFO are.

Crisis How Agencies Can Participate

The Response Partner Program allows the ASPCA to join forces with local and national shelters, rescue groups, disaster response teams and animal control agencies to help animals in dire situations.

Tips Temporary Sheltering: Logistics & Design

Find out the logistics and design of an emergency shelter that can be used in disaster or large-scale seizure situations.

Forms & Samples Sample Documents for Cruelty Cases

In times of crisis, you’ll be glad to have these cruelty forms for your investigation.