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Information on treating pets other than cats and dogs can be found in this section, along with a variety of in-clinic resources such as a toxin exposure triage sheet download and tox histories primer.

You’ll also find information about the dangers that may be lurking in your own clinic, and a variety of tips specifically designed for vet techs.


Test Your Treatment Strategy: Emesis

Proper Use of Emetics

When Not to Use Emetics

Activated Charcoal Safety

Hypernatremia and Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal Study

Spotlight on Therapeutics: Apomorphine, Vitamin K1 and Benzodiazepines

In-Clinic Tools & Resources

Toxin Exposure Triage Sheet

Intravenous Lipid Emulsion Therapy

4 Times to Use Lipid Emulsion Therapy

When Pet Poisonings Affect Your Staff

When Clinic Disinfectants Cause Problems

Top Toxic Cause of Megaesophagus in Dogs

Vet Tech Corner

Vet Tech Corner: 5 Tips for Talking to Owners about Safe Flea Prevention

Vet Tech Corner: Tips for Giving Activated Charcoal

Vet Tech Corner: Tox Histories Made Simple

Vet Tech Corner: Ocular Decontamination

Vet Tech Corner: Poison Prevention Tips for Puppies and Kittens

Vet Tech Corner: Zinc Oxide Ingestion

Substances Not Quite Toxic

General Tips to Use and Share

Keeping the Peace on Bring Your Pets to Work Day

Internet Rumors and Myths About Pet Toxins

Toxins that Don't Cause Serious Signs

How to Make a Pet First Aid Kit

Poison Prevention and Management Primer

Most Common Causes of Toxin Seizures in Dogs

Most Common Causes of Toxin Seizures in Cats


Top 5 Easter Toxins

Top 4 Toxicities of July 4

Top 5 Halloween Safety Tips

Top Toxin Calls State by State

Other Animals


Managing Pet Bird Toxicosis

Bird Exposure to Household Cleaning Products


Tips to Keep Equine Pastures Safe

Equine Rat-Bait Ingestion Study

Cantharidin Toxicosis


Fipronil Intoxication in Rabbits


Managing Ferret Toxicosis

Ibuprofen and Ferrets