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The way directors and staff view the human element of your work will greatly impact your adoption rates and image in the community. We have tips and training that can help you give off a sincere “Welcome!” vibe, get your board excited about cutting-edge programs, and set you up for success.

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Most Popular Tools & Tips

How-to State Tax Check-Off

Grants for subsidizing s/n services are made possible primarily by donations by citizens checking off a box on their state income tax returns.

How-to Cost Savings from Publicly Funded Spay/Neuter Programs

Cost effective ways to get s/n funding from city councils, county general funds, health departments and other government entities.

Publication Summary of New Hampshire's State Funded Spay/Neuter Program

An outline of the program implemented in New Hampshire using state funding to support a spay/neuter initiative.

Tips A Case Study for State Funding of Spay/Neuter Programs

Read more details about the success of state-funded spay/neuter.