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Plan Ahead: 10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Pass the candy hearts, please! Celebrating February 14 in a big way is a custom-made fit for you who make matches every day. Check out the following ideas—some low-cost, some no-cost—from your colleagues in the field.


Hubba hubba, Butte Humane Society! That's some sweet Valentine’s Day messaging.


“Let’s go back to your place.” What a perfect, er, tie-in for a certain movie that came out on Valentine’s Day 2015, Asheville Humane Society! What films can you have some fun with this year, shelters? (Hint: the sequel for that certain movie is about to be released.)


We can't decide what's sweeter—this gorgeous graphic, or Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region's great idea to hold $14 adoptions for 3 days last V-Day!


Baltimore Humane invited the community to a Valentine's Day Pet Wedding to celebrate the nuptials between Chico and Te-Te, a dog and cat, and guinea pigs Aladdin and Jasmine. Words don’t do it justice—check out the photos from the big day here.


Hey, Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley—how’d you know folks love a good rhyme almost as much as they love an awesome holiday-themed adoption promo?! Way to celebrate Valentine's Day all month long!


Now is a good time to take advantage if you have access to a professional photographer, as Salt Lake County Animal Services did here.


This is what Valentine’s Day looked like at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue last year, where volunteers delivered “puppygrams” to the recipient’s home or work. Puppy kisses plus a rose, balloon and candy—who could ask for more?! (P.S. This is volunteer Les hard at work!)


Animal Rescue League of Iowa scored major Facebook engagement when they asked fans to post their best pet-kissing photos and compiled them all into this fantabulous photo album.


Yolo County Animal Services Shelter celebrates V-Day all week long, posting eligible furry bachelors and bachelorettes daily on their social media channels.


We heart this strategy from Louisville Metro Animal Services—in this series of Shelter Sweethearts posts, staff members shared what they love about their favorite available animal. Have you tried something similar at your agency?



Since we can never get too much lovin', let us know what you have in store this February 14th.


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