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This section includes a host of helpful tools, including behavior tips for shy and fearful dogs, sample enrichment schedules and dog and cat behavior webinars.


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Raise Your Paw

Thursday, January 19 2017

Get out your decoder glasses as Dr. Emily Weiss digs into the meaning of this common canine behavior—and shares how you can use this info to help the dogs in your care.

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Tip of the Week: Give ’Em Fair Warning

Monday, January 9 2017

Working with shy and fearful dogs can be a challenge. Here's a tip for giving them a sense of security.

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Is Fido Good With Cats?

Friday, January 6 2017

Guest blogger Heather Mohan-Gibbons, MS, RVT, CBCC-KA, ACAAB, Director of Applied Research and Behavior at the ASPCA, offers some alternatives to using cats in assessments for the dogs in your shelter.

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Most Popular Tools & Tips

Tips Tips for Canine Enrichment

In order to maintain effective enrichment, keep an observant eye on the dogs in your shelter and stay close to a canine's point of view.

How-to Make Meal Time Enriching

By presenting food in many different ways throughout the week, Mackenzie’s is able to use food to provide multiple sources of stimulation.

How-to Canine Enrichment Outside the Kennel

Exercising, socializing and following scents are just a few of the enriching behaviors shelter dogs engage in outside the kennel.

How-to How to Make Catnip Toys & Bake Dog Biscuits

Students are introduced to animal shelters, the process of adopting a pet, and how to give their time and talents.