ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center

ASPCA Animal Product Safety Service

Animal-related emergency? Call 888.426.4435
For non-emergency information about our services call Customer Service, 888.426.4911

The pillars of ASPCA Animal Product Safety Service (APSS) are incomparable staff and advanced information systems. 

The contact center features veterinarian, toxicologist, technician and administrative staffing available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We offer advanced case management technology, customizable case and contact center reports, and custom phone numbers and call routing.

Our experience encompasses:

  • Animal products (pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceutical-grade compounds)
  • Human medications
  • Household products
  • Agricultural chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, rodenticides)
  • Pet food, treats and supplements
  • Illicit and recreational drugs
  • Natural toxicants (mycotoxins, plants)
  • Environmental pollutants (heavy metals, volatile organic compounds)

Our services include:

  • Adverse event case management
  • Technical and customer support
  • Human case management through our human poison control center partner
  • Regulatory reporting and report writing
  • Nutrition and pet-food related call center services
  • Recall assistance
  • Product reviews (safety, development and new product evaluations)
  • Safety assessment of active and inactive ingredients
  • Toxicology data interpretation
  • Veterinary medical records review and expert opinion
  • Literature search and review
  • Risk hazard assessment
  • Litigation support
  • Field investigation
  • Treatment protocol development
  • Research facility inspection and animal welfare evaluation
  • Industry-driven reporting and labeling requirements
  • Data retrieval and analysis for regulatory purposes and government agencies
  • Online and onsite educational materials and seminars

In addition, personally tailored services may be available upon request.

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